Carthage Civic Center

Written by Teresa Dennard.

Completion set for this year

civic centerHundreds of evacuees were housed in our community--volunteers throughout the area were serving meals, providing bedding and clothing, and offering prayers and support to people that were forced to leave their homes because of a massive hurricane called Rita.  For days our community pulled together to help these displaced people.  Because of this sheltering operation, the State of Texas had to be more prepared when, and if, another evacuation of this size would ever happen again. Shelters would be built.

14th Annual Texas Country Music Hall of Fame

Written by Teresa Dennard.

Inductees announced--Bandy, Gilley to receive honors

moe bandyNew inductees for the 14th Annual Texas Country Music Hall of Fame have been selected.  Texas musicians Moe Bandy and Mickey Gilley will be the next artists to receive the honor.

Bandy was one of the most popular country singers in the 1970s. His music consisted of songs about drinking, divorce, cheating, love and passion….all things that were most common in country music during that era. He was raised in San Antonio, Texas, and spent most of his teenage years on the rodeo circuit riding bulls and broncs. Once he left school, he became a sheet metal worker, singing in clubs and honky tonks at night.

Steptoe "Classic" Golf Tournament

Written by Teresa Dennard.

To be held April 23

Easter weekend is a time for families & friends to get together and enjoy each other's company. The Keith Steptoe "Classic" Golf Tournament is held Easter weekend because of that very reason. On Saturday, April 23, golfers of all ages will gather for the 18th year to hone their skills and to see who will come away with the top prize.

New Carthage Country Club

Written by Teresa Dennard.

Committed to family-oriented atmosphere

carthage country clubThe local golf course is getting a makeover. New owners, Helper and Kristy Nutt and Dustin and Amanda Powell, have made the commitment to open the Carthage Country Club with the emphasis on a family-oriented atmosphere.

Long-time friends, the new owners entered into this venture wanting to create a place that the whole family could enjoy.  "We both have children about the same ages, and they love coming out here. Helper has grown up on this golf course, and we want our kids to have that same opportunity. When the other clubhouse burned down and the course went up for sale, we knew it was our chance to step in and make this a place that everyone could enjoy," said Kristy Nutt. "We plan on organizing fun activities for the wives and kids, not just the men. We want to show people that we're really serious about making this a family-friendly business."

Central Baptist Holds Tenebrae Service

Written by Teresa Dennard.

Service begins at dusk

Tenebrae is Latin for "darkness" or "shadows." The service begins at dusk. Upon entering the sanctuary, lights are dimmed; candles are burning; readings from the Bible are performed. After each reading, a candle is extinguished until only one is left burning--the Christ candle. A very somber setting, the service symbolizes the dark time that Jesus went through the night before the crucifixion. The congregation will leave the sanctuary in silence and near total darkness.

ETCOG Provides Transportation

Written by Teresa Dennard.

New GOBUS for seniors, handicapped

shena waltonHave you ever needed to be somewhere, but just didn’t have a way to get there? The GOBUS can help.  Provided by the East Texas Council of Governments, the GOBUS provides transportation in rural areas 5 days a week for anyone in need. All you have to do is call and make an appointment. 

Panola County Cattlemen's Association PRCA Rodeo

Written by Teresa Dennard.

Held May 20-21

The month of May brings rodeo time to Carthage, Texas. On May 20-21, the Panola County Cattleman's Association hosts its 61st annual PRCA Rodeo. Two action-packed nights of racing, roping, and bucking provide excellent entertainment for the entire family. Roy Evans, Rodeo Chairman, has been working since January getting sponsors and finalizing details for the upcoming event. He says, "It costs a whole lot of money to put on a PRCA Rodeo, but we've always felt like it was worth it. You get what you pay for. If you want to see a good show, it costs a little more."

A Future Based on History

Written by J. Glenn Hambrick, Ed.D.

Professor Libby served as first superintendent of Carthage ISD

Libby Elementary

In the Fall of 2009, the School Facility Task Force had reviewed all of the school facilities throughout the Carthage Independent School District and recommended to the Board of Trustees that Libby Elementary School, built in 1954, be replaced.  After a number of meetings and months of discussion, the board voted to replace the current elementary school building with a new modern technology and safety oriented facility.

City Installs New Equipment at Sewer Plant

Written by Debbie Pierce.

Average of 2.8 million gallons of sewage processed daily

Have you ever wondered what happens to the water you drain from your bathtub or flush from your toilet?   Where does it go, and what happens to it once it arrives at its final destination?  As you dispose of your wastewater, it travels into the city sewer system until it reaches the sewer plant located on Hills Lake Road.