CISD Education Foundation

Written by Nancy Gregg.

Funds 304 school grants

cisd logoIn eight years the CISD Education Foundation has funded 304 grants for important educational activities, new technology, innovative teacher training, and cultural programs which could not be provided within the budget of CISD. Your tax-deductable gift to the foundation touches every child from pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade. The Education Foundation also sponsors the CISD Alumni Association and the Academic Recognition Banquet, which honors students who graduate in the top 10% of their class.

“The Education Foundation works tirelessly for the good of our students, and every year I am amazed at the number of grants that are approved. Thanks to the dedication and commitment of the board and all donors, our students--from the beginning years of their education to graduation--are able to enjoy life-changing experiences they might otherwise never have had,” said a CISD Teacher. 

Kindergarten students experience eccisd studentshoing and sound travel with the long flexible tubing at the Discovery Science Place.cisd students

First grade teachers observed their students play and learn with a variety of science manipulatives purchased with a foundation grant. Students sorted objects into groups, solved insect puzzles, and played a feel-and-find science game similar to bingo.

Life-off! Second and third grade students observed a hot air balloon in flight. Later they actually walked inside the balloon to learn more scientific facts.

At Sci-Port third graders were amazed to discover they could lie down “comfortably” on a bed of nails.  The scientific reason for this ability is the even distribution of their weight.

Junior high students read new biographies purchased with a foundation grant and assumed the persona of their main character for a book-talk.

cisd students