City of Carthage Has New Website

Written by Teresa Dennard.

 Carthage, Texas has had a makeover...the website, that is. A new content management system is in place that will allow you to find information easily and quickly. There are links to City, Chamber and Main Street activities as well as information on renting one of the three facilities within the City—the Convention Center, the Hall of Fame, and the Community House. Applications for rental, along with rules for use are included for each site.

A new feature added recently is the ability to pay your City water bill online. No more need to buy a stamp to mail the payment or go to the drive-thru at City Hall. Check out the "Report a Problem" link that allows you to report such things as a limb being down, an annoying barking dog, a sewage stop, street repair or any number of other problems. Just fill out the form and someone will respond within a short period of time to your problem. Another good place to browse is the page for the new trash disposal service which details the rules and regulations of your service. Do you know who your local police officers or firemen are? There is a link to both departments. Have you gotten a traffic ticket lately? Pay it online! Need to know the names and numbers of City or Chamber officials and departments? Are you starting a building project and need a copy of the permits and regulations? Are you new to the area and need to find out information about the City such as where to turn on utilities, local schools and churches, places to eat, places to stay, community organizations? Want to find a book at the Sammy Brown library? That's's all there on the new website!!

Spend some time browsing the website—if there's something you think needs to be added, use the "Contact Us" link and make a suggestion!   Carthage Website