Passion for News

Written by Teresa Dennard.

Leads Holland to Internship

It’s a likely chance that one day you’ll turn on your television to watch the national news and see Blake Holland as a news correspondent. He’s known he wanted to be in broadcast journalism since he was nine.  His mother, Lorie Letter, remembers, “Any time a siren would go off, I don’t care if I was in hair rollers and no makeup, we had to go out in the car and get pictures. He’d come back and write his own story about what happened. We’ve been to wrecks, to fires, and we’ve even been told to get off the scene. We’ve been doing this ever since he was in Brenda Giles’ 4th grade class. He loves it.”

 This past year as a freshman, Blake signed up to take Broadcast Journalism. His skill and enthusiasm soon landed him a job as Executive Producer and Anchor for the CHS 360 program which features news and events at the high school. “I’ve had the passion for news for a long time,” comments Holland, “and I just wanted to get involved in it. It makes school more fun…makes me look forward to going to school every day.” His work caught the eye of Media Director Stuart Stanley who suggested Holland take an internship with his wife in Houston for the summer. Stanley’s wife, Mariana Oyanguren, is Program Supervisor for HTV, a municipal channel for the City of Houston. Knowing high school internships are hard to come by, Holland jumped at the chance to go.

“The first day on the job someone handed me some tapes, showed me how to run through and edit on their machines, and I immediately edited a news story and had an HTV news flash on the air that day. That was kind of my test. Mariana figured out I knew what I was doing, so she started sending me out on my own with a photographer. On the third day, I met Houston Mayor Annise Parker at a conference for World Refugee Day,” recalls Holland. “HTV is a department of the Mayor’s office, so we cover anything the Mayor is doing. I got to go in the City Hall control room. It was a busy day, and not a moment of it was boring. I was hooked. I knew I would be back for another week.”

His last week in Houston involved attending the NAACP Convention. “This was the most exciting week. Mitt Romney was there, Attorney General Eric Holder was there, and I was there with a media pass.  It’s really cool to get to go right through the secret service and everybody else has to stand behind the ropes.” Holland sums up his experience, “The thing I like most about being in the media is getting to meet a lot of people. I don’t have to sit behind a desk and it never feels like work. I will definitely do this again next summer.”


Samples of Blake's great work at HTV.