Beckville High School

Written by Teresa Dennard.

Students enjoying new addition to school

As of last spring, high school students at Beckville have been enjoying a new addition to their school. A $6 million bond allowed the district to add an academic building with 15 classrooms, 3 science labs, a new office suite, and a large commons area. Superintendent Devan Tate says, “We’ve got a lot of nice facilities in Beckville, but the high school building was 40 years old. At the time, they were trying to build as efficiently and inexpensively as possible. With the way we teach our kids and the technology-based curriculum we use, that old building was not equipped for all the networking we need.

The new building has 20-25 network connections in each room, and they all have exterior windows and probably 3 times as much storage. Each room is equipped with a SMART board and projector. It just makes it easier to run our curriculum and easier for the teachers to do the things we’ve trained them to do.”

The commons area was built to be multi-functional. During the school day it serves as a hallway, but it’s large enough to hold community events as well. “We held our prom there last spring. Moms were able to come in and decorate, and it was as nice a prom setting that I’ve seen since I’ve been at Beckville. It decorated really beautifully, and the kids are proud of their new space. The best thing is, it’s right here. Kids don’t have to be on the highway,” commented Tate. “Having this new facilitymakes for a more enjoyable work environment for the teachers as well as the students. We’ve only had it a short time, but we’re already seeing the benefits.”

Other improvements for the school district include resurfacing the middle school parking lot, doing some dirt work at the base ball field, working on the porch at the elementary school and updating the playground equipment. All Beckville students in grades 3-12 are issued laptops at the beginning of each school year. Tate added, “Students enjoy having a laptop because it opens up a new avenue of instruction. Technology is evolving exponentially, and each year we get better and are more efficient with the way we use it.”