City Purchases Emergency Messaging System

Written by Teresa Dennard.

Updated contact information needed

Recently the City of Carthage purchased a new emergency messaging system called Tele-Works. According to Data Processing Manager Debbie Pierce, "The original system was cost-prohibitive, so we found a cheaper alternative with the same results. The Christmas holidays were the first time we used this new system so we could inform our residents of our office and garbage pickup schedules.  We use the phone numbers that are associated with our utility bill accounts."

This messaging system also makes it possible for City officials to inform the public about emergency situations or disasters. For instance, if a water main were to break and everyone needed to begin boiling water, this service will be utilized to get information quickly to those affected.  Pierce says, " What we need our residents to do is make sure we have the most current phone numbers available. When we looked in our records, we knew we needed to update because some people who have had the same number for a long time still had a 214 area code." City residents are asked to provide the latest contact information, whether it be a regular home phone or a cell phone, by calling City Hall or by visiting and selecting the "Report a Problem" link at the top of the page. In the "Please  select" field, choose "Update Contact Information," then provide your current phone number.

Resident contact information is kept strictly confidential and used only for the City of Carthage's messaging system. Pierce comments, "No one gets the numbers but us. Also, when you see City of Carthage on your called ID, there's no need to call us back. Most calls will be about changes in business hours, closings, and general information, so a return call is not necessary."