Spiritual Renewal for Panola County

Written by Teresa Dennard.

We need it now, and we need it here.

Mark your calendars for April 28 thru May 5—a county-wide revival is coming! Sponsored by the Panola County Ministerial Fellowship, the revival will be held in a different church each evening with pastors from local churches bringing the message. Also, each weekday at 11:00 am, various churches will host a revival meeting for those whose schedule can’t accommodate the evening meetings. Thursday, May 2, is the National Day of Prayer and all are encouraged to attend the event at Anderson Park in downtown Carthage at 11:00 am. On April 25, a 24-hour prayer service will be held at the First United Methodist Church at 201 S. Shelby. So that this revival can include everyone in Panola County, Rick Aguilar will be available at each service to translate the message into Spanish.

For students, the First Baptist Church is hosting a conference that will feature Jason Castro and Sidewalk Prophets. Also, Pastor West Hamilton from Hulen Street Church in Fort Worth will bring a message from the Word. This event will be held at the Carthage Civic Center from 7:00 pm–9:30 pm! James McRight, Youth Pastor at FBC, says, “This conference is designed to encourage worship, grow students in knowledge of the Lord, and inspire them to actively minister to their own schools and communities. We believe the Lord has great things planned and wants to raise up a generation of students who will answer the call to walk with Him intimately.”  No registration is required and ADMISSION IS FREE!

The theme song for the revival week is “Here is Love.” It is a song that was sung many times at the Welsh Revival of 1904. This historical revival was responsible for over 100,000 people being converted and added to churches and chapels in Wales.  According to historical records, “Lives were transformed, lifestyles were changed, homes and families were healed and churches were packed and on fire with fervor and zeal!” Dr. Kirby Hill, President of the Panola County Ministerial Fellowship and pastor at Southside Baptist Church says, “All across America, church attendance is down. We’re asking God to break up hearts that are indifferent, to bring families back together, to deliver people from captivity through addictions, to turn people over to the love of Christ. We need a spiritual renewal. We need it now, and we need it here.”