It's time for a little spring cleaning

Written by Teresa Dennard.

In conjunction with "Don't Mess with Texas"

Spring is usually a time when folks get in the mood to do a little spring cleaning. The weather is warmer, the flowers are blooming and most everybody likes to be outside to enjoy it. This is also the time when the Keep Texas Beautiful organization focuses on educating and engaging Texans to take responsibility for improving their community environment. To help do our part in this effort, the City of Carthage and Main Street are hosting the 4th Annual Keep Carthage Beautiful Campaign on Saturday, April 6.

Local residents along with civic organizations, businesses and church groups are asked to help tackle the job of de-trashing the city. Volunteers will meet at City Hall at 10:00 am to get organized and receive supplies such as trash bags, reflective vests, and gloves. There is a limited supply of “trash grabbers” so volunteers are asked to bring their own to assist with the trash pickup. At noon, everyone will meet back at City Hall for a hot dog luncheon cooked by the Carthage Fire Department and provided compliments of Tony Cain at IESI Waste Services. At the conclusion of the meal, door prizes will be given away with the top prize of $100 going to a lucky participant.

Local waste collection service, IESI, will provide a dumpster in which local residents can drive through and leave trash. Also, STS Electronic Recycling will again be on hand to provide a free, safe and efficient means for recycling electronic equipment. They also offer 100% free data and hard drive destruction which exceeds Department of Defense and HIPAA standards. Items that can be accepted are computers, laptops, fax machines, gaming systems, printers, cell phones, scanners, copiers, VCR/DVD players as well as other items. For a complete list of items that can be recycled and for other services they provide, visit The IESI dumpster and the STS recycling trailer will be located on the W.C. Smith Health Science Center parking lot, located adjacent to City Hall.

Visit TxDOT’s website and sign up to receive a free litter bag and decal for your car. If you witness someone throwing trash out of a vehicle, get the license plate number, make of vehicle, time of day, location, date and who tossed the litter (driver, passenger, etc.) and report it on the same website. The litterer will receive a “Don’t Mess with Texas” litterbag along with a letter reminding them to keep trash off Texas Roads. It’s the responsibility of every citizen to keep our surroundings looking beautiful. Being a part of the clean-up day is just one way you can help to create an awareness of the need to keep our city streets clean and beautiful. Get a group together—co-workers, church members, friends, neighbors, and join the effort to “Keep Carthage Beautiful.”