Vision Turns into Reality

Written by Teresa Dennard.

14 Foot Monument Near Completion

Sculptor Bob Harness is seeing his vision turn into reality. What once was an 18” model has now turned into a 14 foot monument of Christ walking in the sand holding an old man. Inspired by the poem, “Footprints in the Sand,” this project is expected to be completed in June of this year. Cast in bronze, the statue will weigh over a ton and will be located on the corner of the Southwest Loop and Dixie Lake Road. With land donated by the Pippen family, a memorial park will be constructed at this location.

This has become a community project with over 100 school children, church groups, welders, surveyors, and engineers lending a hand. People have come from all walks of life and from all around the world. Some have come from as far away as Taiwan, Columbia, Scotland and Mexico, as well as over 10 different states. A grandmother brought her 2 ½ year old grandson to add clay to the statue. She said he would be a part of history. A lady brought her 94 year old mother who was in a wheel chair to add clay. A nine year old girl brought her mother, dad and other family members. The statue is unique in that people will approach it from the rear and follow the footprints cast in sand for 100 feet to reach the circular plaza where Christ is standing. “It is amazing and inspiring to see a community come together—volunteering their time, talent and resources along with financial support,” says Harness. “This will be a private park for all people to come to pray, meditate and reflect.”

A non-profit foundation has been set up to build and maintain this bronze sculpture. The foundation’s website provides an in-depth explanation of what is being done and what is needed to see the monument come to completion. Monetary donations are needed, but also people are needed to provide their time and talents with such things as building roads and parking lots, providing fill dirt, expertise in landscaping, sign construction, fencing, and lighting, laying tribute tiles, creating a pedestal for the monument or just by uplifting this work in prayer. “Help us raise awareness and know that your gifts, both great and small, will be a testament to all as a witness of the great love Christ offers to our world,” says Brenda Giles, secretary of the foundation. If interested in helping with the monument, visit the Footprints website or call 903.693.6397 or 903.754.4000.

“I have experienced several times in my own life where I questioned the Lord’s plan while seeing only a single set of footprints,” states Harness. “This monument is my personal testimony and an opportunity to express my thanks to God for the talent he has given me.”