These girls know the City inside & out!

Written by Teresa Dennard.

Do's & Don'ts of City Hall

Have you had a reason to visit City Hall lately? It’s located at 812 W. Panola and the doors are open from 8:15 am to 4:45 pm, Monday thru Friday. It’s a very neat and clean office with lots of helpful employees who try their best to make sure the citizens of Carthage are happy. One of the reasons City Hall is so expertly run is because they’re ALL WOMEN! Starting at the top is the “boss” Brenda Samford who has been with the City 29 years, 8 of those as City Manager. Working with her are Dana, Debbie, Donna, Daphne plus Maranda and Shebra. The total experience of these working girls is almost 75 years! They know the City inside and out!

With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the things you can do while visiting these nice ladies at City Hall.

· Make water payments (City of Carthage only, no rural water payments) - can sign up for online bill pay, bank draft or can take credit card payments

· Rent all City buildings – Davis Park Community House, Civic Center & Texas Country Music Hall of Fame

· Limb pick up – chipper truck runs on a route 5 days a week, no need to call for pickup

· Purchase concrete culverts – pay for culvert at City cost & if you purchase from City, they will put them in for you

· All permits are issued from this office – residential & commercial building, house &  mobile home moving, demolition, plumbing, hvac, & electrical (permits & information found on website also)

· 911 addressing (new construction)

· Planning & zoning

· Death certificates

· Birth certificates – only for births occurring in Texas, cost-$23, must have valid driver’s license or state ID and must be an immediate family member if requesting for someone-See Dana at City Hall

Many calls are made to City Hall on a daily basis, and any one of these ladies is willing to answer whatever questions you may have. BUT, there are limits to what the office at City Hall can accomplish. Here’s a list of some things they DON’T do.

· Don’t’ sell trash bags – get these at the police station, 24 hrs. a day, $7.00/ 50 bags, (30” X 37”), 321 W. Panola

· Don’t take payments over the phone for water bills

· Don’t take electric or gas bill payments; cable setup - 903. 938.1302 (Fidelity Cablevision)

· Can’t pay traffic tickets - City Website

· Don’t issue marriage license  (Courthouse 903.693.0302) or driver’s license (Courthouse 903.693.3261)

· Animal Control – Police Department 903.693.3866

· Garbage pickup – now privatized with IESI – call 800.877.1777 or 903.986.1959 (lots of information on City Website

· Car registration – Courthouse 903.693.0345

· Social Security Cards

· Anything to do with City Taxes - Appraisal Office, 903.693.2891, 1736  Ball Park Road

· Don’t keep a list of rental property

· Don’t schedule functions on the Downtown Square – contact Courthouse 903.693.0391; sign on the Square – Chamber of Commerce – 903.693.6634

· Can’t help you start a business!

· Don’t assist in bat removal or shoot pigeons off the water tower!

The City website has an abundance of information also, so before you call next time, get on the computer and see if you can find the information you are searching for. Bet you’ll find it there!!