Lum and Abner

Written by Teresa Dennard.

Still goin' strong

Donnie PItchford grew up like the rest of us from the 50’s and 60’s loving to watch cartoons and reading the Sunday comic strips. Popeye was one of his favorites. He discovered a love for drawing and illustrating these beloved cartoon characters at the age of five. His mom would always put his drawings on the refrigerator. Unlike a lot of kids who grow out of that stage, Donnie did not. He stayed with it and honed his talent. When he was in school, teachers were always asking him to draw posters or create projects to place around the classrooms. He had no formal training until college.

Expert Marksman Makes the President's 100

Written by Teresa Dennard.

Buddy Reich places #53 out of 100

Laid back in the Piney Woods of Panola County is a club that is probably more familiar to outsiders than local residents. People from all over the Eastern Texas Region as well as the Ark-La-Tex, come to participate in the competitions held the first Saturday of each month. Organized as the Panola County Gun Club in 1979 by Ben Sepaugh and Wilburn Spiller, the Club currently has over 200 members. Sepaugh, who shot high power competition in the military, met Spiller and discovered he also shot high power in competition, but as a civilian. They decided to organize the club. The range, located 3 miles east of the Sabine River on FM 2517, was built in 1986. “We did most of the work ourselves,” said Sepaugh, “and whoever we could scrounge up. We had our first match in 1987 and have had monthly NRA matches ever since.”

Good Things Happen to Good People

Written by Teresa Dennard.

Susan finds success in America

She grew up in a small town in Turkey called Turgut Village. Her parents were vegetable farmers. She was the middle child of five brothers and sisters and she calls herself “the social one.” When she was young she dreamed of being a lawyer and owning her own business. In Turkey in order to go to a university, a big test had to be taken. She missed passing the test by one question, so instead attended a college to be an accountant. While attending college, she opened her own printing business, but after a year had to close it and return to live with her parents. Her name is Birsen Eden. We know her as Susan.

Culinary Crossroads-February 2013

Written by Teresa Dennard.

Donna's Famous Chocolate Pie

Here’s another of Panola County’s best cooks…Donna Womack Cox. Her chocolate pie is in great demand whenever she attends a function. Of course, nobody can make it like Donna makes it, but give it a try and see what you think!