Scott Suratt

Written by Teresa Dennard.

The Man

Scott Surratt is ‘The Man.’ His arrival into Carthage seven years ago was the best thing that could have happened to a lackluster football program, and what he’s managed to accomplish has been phenomenal to say the least. With four state championships under his belt, he’s brought a sense of pride and excitement not only to the school, but to the community as well.

Growing up in the small community of Linden, Texas, Scott graduated from Linden-Kildaire High School in 1986. He loved sports and was good at them. Up until his junior year in high school, baseball was his favorite sport, but when he began playing football on Friday nights as the quarterback and also linebacker, it surpassed baseball for the number one spot. He also played basketball, pole vaulted, won district in tennis three years and played golf his senior year. He went to East Texas Baptist University on a baseball scholarship and graduated in four years.

Blake Bogenschutz

Written by Teresa Dennard.

Has qualities that will make a man

There’s a photo in the Bogenshutz home of N.E. “Son” Walker playing football for Carthage in 1927. He played quarterback and running back. The score of the game was Carthage 6, Center 0. A caption on the photo reads, “Captain Walker playing his third year led the team in scoring. Walker is a boy who will not take defeat in any way. Will always smile and fight hard. ‘Son’ has the qualities that will make a man.’” Those exact words could be used to describe his great grandson 86 years later. Blake, one of the captains of the Bulldogs, also hates defeat but hasn’t had to experience much of that in his tenure as quarterback.

Continuing a Legacy of Greatness

Written by Teresa Dennard.

Seniors can handle anything!

Football is King in Carthage, Texas. It hasn’t always been that way, but with the arrival of Scott Surratt in 2007, the sport made a transformation that is envied by teams across the state. Finishing 9-3 and winning district was a good start, but the loss to Liberty Hill in the first post-season was unacceptable. Everybody was congratulating the team on winning district, but they wanted more. The next year, 2008 was a different story.

John and Janice Cain

Written by Teresa Dennard.

It's all been God's work

To be married 66 years takes a lot of love and understanding. Ask John and Janice Cain.  They tied the knot on December 9, 1947. He had gone to school in Bynum and graduated at 16 where there were only 10 grades at the time. She graduated from Italy, (Texas) which was only a few miles down the road. They met while attending Hillsboro Junior College (Hill College) and fell in love. Janice was a beauty, not only for the school, but to John as well. “She had a weak moment when we met,” he says.

Finding What I need

Written by Teresa Dennard.

The Story of Ray and Mickey Brooks

Amazing! By the Grace of God a man can preach for 60 years and have no intention of slowing down. On the third Sunday in December 1953, Ray Brooks preached his first sermon as pastor of Long Branch Missionary Baptist Church with a full house of 100 people. Over the years, the membership has dwindled to only 12-15 each Sunday, but Brother Brooks has no intention of retiring any time soon. “My goal is to keep going 10 more years. I figure if I’m still busy doing the Lord’s work, He’ll keep me around a while.”

Peta May

Written by Teresa Dennard.

Her long road to health

Most kids in junior high have few worries. Their biggest concerns are usually what to wear to school or how many texts they can send in class without being caught. Not so for Peta May. Every day she went to school with a severe headache and dizziness. She had periods of time where she couldn’t see, and a trip to the nurse’s office was a regular occurrence. Because of her symptoms, the nurse suggested Peta get tested for diabetes. The lab tests were done and when the results came back, Peta’s mom picked her up from school and took her directly to the emergency room. She was in renal failure and had to be placed on dialysis immediately.

Walk Across Texas!

Written by Teresa Dennard.

The start to a healthy lifestyle

Need a good kick start for your fitness goal? How about a new competition with friends? Or maybe you’re already on the right track and just need a different challenge. Walk Across Texas! can accomplish all that and more. Vickie Lacy, new County Extension Agent with the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service is organizing the statewide event for residents of Panola County. A fun, flexible way to exercise, Walk Across Texas! can be done by anyone, anytime, anywhere. A special Kick-Off Event is scheduled for all interested participants on Saturday, March 1, 2014, at 10:00am at the Carthage Missionary Baptist Church Activity Center.