Cobblers for Three Generations

Written by Teresa Dennard.

Bobby Reed doing what he loves to do

When John Howell began his shoe repair business in 1927, most people owned only one pair of shoes. When the shoes became worn, rather than purchase new ones, they were taken to the local cobbler to be stitched or resoled. Howell ran his repair shop from the east side of the downtown square and made it a family affair. With four children, all but the youngest daughter worked in the store and learned the trade.

Warren Biggs

Written by Teresa Dennard.

And the Lions Club Show

In 1967 Warren Biggs was the High School Senior Representative for the Carthage Noon Lions Club. He, along with fellow classmate Barbara Walker (Ballenger), attended the weekly meetings and learned the importance of being a part of a local service organization. During that time, John Cain was serving as president of the Lions Club and Warren recalls, “It was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done because they really had a good time at those meetings.”

Still Waters Cowboy Church

Written by Bruce Hawkins.

Matt Comer--a cowboy ready to deliver a message

On Sunday mornings a short drive from Carthage on State Highway 315, a passerby can see a 40-acre field with vehicles parked in front of a round-topped building.  It’s a place of worship with a rodeo arena instead of a steeple and livestock water trough instead of a baptismal. Whatever it has or doesn’t have, anyone attending Still Waters Cowboy Church can expect an enthusiastic greeting and to be filled with God’s word in a welcoming environment.

WANTED-Prom Dresses!

Written by Nancy Langford.

Loved and gently used, all sizes and varieties

Most high school girls look forward to experiencing prom night with a friend, in a beautiful dress, and during a great party! The ladies of the Carthage Service League are anxious to make this special wish come true for girls in Panola County. For the second year, prom dresses will be made available to area high school girls at a very reasonable price through generous donations by many individuals. On Saturday, February 13 at the Thrift Shop on the downtown square from 10 a.m. to 2:00pm, prom attire will be available to qualifying girls.


Written by Debbie Godwin.

An improved experience at Sammy Brown Library

The Sammy Brown Library is pleased to announce the implementation of the Apollo Integrated Library System. The library migrated to Apollo on December 8, 2015.  Apollo has earned the prestigious Modern Library Awards “Product of the Year 2016” award.  The Sammy Brown Library joins over 540 other public libraries that are powered by the Apollo ILS. 


Written by Teresa Cage Beasley.

Supports neglected and abused children

Every day in the United States, approximately 1,900 children are victimized by abuse or neglect, and four will die. Children in foster care have been removed from homes torn apart by marital disputes, alcoholism, drug addiction, criminal activity, mental illness, and other problems. When law enforcement enters the picture, the children’s futures are placed in the hands of the courts. The Court Appointed Special Advocate® system, better known as CASA, speaks for these children.

Londa Scarborough

Written by Teresa Cage Beasley.

The spirit of adventure carries her far

Londa Scarborough can’t explain her love of travel, but she remembers vividly the moment she recognized the desire.

“We were all outside and I looked up and saw a jet fly over and I said, ‘One of these days, I’m going to fly in one of those!’ And I haven’t stopped traveling since,” she says. Londa and Earl Scarborough traveled frequently when their sons were young, but it was different back then.

Aleksandr Korniyenko

Written by Kimberly Ferguson.

He Will Never forget that day

Dr. Aleksandr Korniyenko holds people’s hearts in his hands. Based out of Tyler, Korniyenko is a cardiologist who services the Carthage area. However, Korniyenko is a New York native, and was in his third week as a first responder when the September 11 attacks shook our nation. He was only a mile and a half away when the towers fell.

Megan Berti

Written by Teresa Dennard.

Elevating the Musical Standards of the Community

One of the goals of the Carthage Music Club is to elevate the musical standard of the community. The members strive to accomplish that goal by providing an Annual Artist Concert. Showcasing noted musician Megan Berti, the concert will be held on Saturday night, February 27, at 7:00pm in the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame.

Panola County Healthy

Written by Teresa Dennard.

Biggest Loser Contest Begins

Last year Panola County ranked as one of the least healthy counties in the state. That didn’t set well with local County Extension Agent Vickie Lacy and she began working relentlessly to create opportunities for a healthier community. Two challenges were initiated with both having successful results—Walk Across Texas and the Biggest Loser Challenge. Walk Across Texas just wrapped up with 20 teams participating. A combined total of 32,983 miles was completed within an 8-week period. That equals 39 trips across Texas! The kick-off for next year is Monday, October 3, 2016, so get your team ready and mark it on your calendar.