WANTED-Prom Dresses!

Written by Nancy Langford.

Loved and gently used, all sizes and varieties

Most high school girls look forward to experiencing prom night with a friend, in a beautiful dress, and during a great party! The ladies of the Carthage Service League are anxious to make this special wish come true for girls in Panola County. For the second year, prom dresses will be made available to area high school girls at a very reasonable price through generous donations by many individuals. On Saturday, February 13 at the Thrift Shop on the downtown square from 10 a.m. to 2:00pm, prom attire will be available to qualifying girls.

This event began taking shape in the minds of Service League members Gayla LaGrone and Dorothy Foley back in 2013. Donations of gorgeous dresses, shoes, and accessories were coming into the Carthage Service League Thrift Shop. The ladies began to save them for a special purpose.

A Prom Dress committee was formed and brainstorming began. The result was a prom dress sale complete with dresses, shoes, handbags, jewelry, and make- up. Several girls were successful in finding their dream dress for the big night!

Any girl with a Panola County high school identification card can participate in this amazing sale. “Usually, the total cost of the entire ensemble is less than $30,” said Committee member Margie Hopkins.

Many different styles from long to short, from slinky to fluffy are included in the sale and there are a huge variety of colors.

Girls are pampered and treated to the white-glove regimen by fashion “consultants” as they receive individualized assistance in privacy. “It becomes a great experience for the girls, the helpers and the families. We just love seeing a girl’s eyes light up when she sees herself in a beautiful gown. The fathers usually get emotional, too,” says LaGrone.

Unfortunately, the event only works if the donations come to the Thrift Shop.  Used prom dresses can accumulate in closets and there is not much market for them. For anyone who wants to clean out and make some needed room, this is a great project. Not only do the Service League ladies need the dresses, but the donor can receive a tax receipt for income tax purposes. Plus, the donor knows that he or she has made someone’s dream come true.