Written by Debbie Godwin.

An improved experience at Sammy Brown Library

The Sammy Brown Library is pleased to announce the implementation of the Apollo Integrated Library System. The library migrated to Apollo on December 8, 2015.  Apollo has earned the prestigious Modern Library Awards “Product of the Year 2016” award.  The Sammy Brown Library joins over 540 other public libraries that are powered by the Apollo ILS. 

The library has been searching for a new library system for two years.  When Library Director, Debbie Godwin, researched the Biblionix Apollo ILS she knew she had found the right product for a public library.  Apollo was designed from the ground up by practicing librarians to be a hosted ILS for public libraries. The system is dedicated to public libraries with fewer than 300,000 holdings.  The fully Cloud based library system negates the need for an in-house server.  No new hardware was needed to implement the use of the new software.  All the same computers and printers are being used with Apollo. 

Library patrons will notice many upgrades to their library experience. Patrons will have the opportunity to receive notices sent by email or text for videos or books they have placed on reserve. Due date receipts are also available by email or text and paper receipts are still available when checking-out at the library.  Items checked-out that are nearing the due date or overdue can receive a digital notice. Patrons can discuss the options available to them on their account with library staff members.  Library users will enjoy the new more user-friendly library online catalog available on the library webpage. 

Access to the library catalog can be gained through the City of Carthage website. The City of Carthage graciously hosts the Sammy Brown Library webpage, with web administrator, Teresa Dennard.  The direct web address for the library catalog is https://sammybrown.biblionix.com/catalog. 

The library would not have been able to migrate to the Apollo system without the Tocker Foundation. The Tocker Foundation was created in 1964 to implement the philanthropic interests of Philip and Olive Tocker.  The foundation partners with community libraries to meet the particular needs of small and rural Texas libraries. Nearly 1.5 million dollars per year goes to providing automation and other needs to libraries all over the state. Grant applications are evaluated twice a year by a permanent, appointed committee of the Texas Library Association. 

Michele Powell, Assistant Library Director, wrote a grant request to the Tocker Foundation for the purchase of the Apollo Library System and received a grant for all expenses to migrate to and maintain the new system for a full six years.

The Sammy Brown Library staff continually strives to provide the very best service to the community by keeping up with current trends and new advancements in technology.