Brenda Samford

Written by Teresa Dennard.

God helps us handle what we are given

Anyone that knows Brenda Samford would probably find it hard to believe that as a child, she was shy and had very low self-esteem. The lady who sat behind the City Manager’s desk for over 12 years and managed every facet of city government is far from that now. She was able to handle the toughest of problems with poise and confidence and made herself available to anyone who needed a problem solved. Her door was always open.

Sharing Hope & Love

Written by Teresa Dennard.

Brandon Swift felt a true anointing

It is a phenomenon hard to explain. One man, on his way home to Shreveport, made the decision to take a different route than normal thru Carthage. Traveling around the southwest loop, he saw something out of the corner of his eye that caught his attention. He turned his car around and was amazed at what he saw.

Brandon Swift was looking at Pippen Memorial Park, the site of the 14-foot statue of Jesus carrying an old man, portraying the words to the poem, Footprints in the Sand. Project Manager Phil Soape happened to be at the site and pulled Brandon over to tell him “the story.” And the rest, as they say, is history.

A Brown Family Tradition

Written by By Teresa Cage Beasley.

Bev Brown & Panola College

College opened its doors for classes in January 1948 in the middle of a snowstorm, and Bev Brown was the second student in line to register.

“Bill Applegate was first, because his name started with an ‘A’ and mine with a ‘B.’ I signed up for a business math course at night,” he says. “The class was taught by the dean, Floyd Boze. When that semester ended, I signed up for an algebra class, also taught by Floyd Boze.”

 While attending classes, he was working fulltime during the day at the basket factory, beginning a long career in Carthage business endeavors.


Written by By Bruce Hawkins.

The service of Joe Hudson

Sitting in the rear cockpit of a Curtis S82C4e Helldiver as a radioman gunner and watching the action of war from the air is something many people can’t say they’ve experienced. World War II Veteran Joe Hudson, 91 of Carthage, is one man who can share this part of history as a United States Aviation Radioman Third Class.

On Sunday, Dec. 7, 1941, Hudson went to church as usual in his hometown of Roanoke, LA. He says it was an ordinary day for him until he learned that Japan had bombed Pearl Harbor.

He was still in high school, so he knew he’d have to wait to enlist. He always had an interest in airplanes, so he knew however he served it would have to be flying. He built model airplanes, he studied about each airplane, and he dreamed of someday flying an airplane.

Thanks for all the Memories

Written by Nancy Williams Langford.

Mildred McCrary-touched many lives

Mildred Orr McCrary was raised in Waterman’s Front, a logging community wast of the Sabine River where her father ran the commissary. When she was three, her mother died and Mildred nurtured her younger sister Marie. Her grandmother Mammy made all their clothes and gifted Mildred with beautiful hand-sewn goods when she married.

Mildred moved to Carthage schools from Midyett for the 7th grade. Mrs. Valle Baker introduced her to her best friend Mary Margaret Grimes and to her 16-year-old teacher Nettie Shaw. Mildred worked on Saturdays at Yarbrough’s store on the downtown square. Her daily salary for working sun-up to sundown was $1.00 from which she had to pay 2 cents for social security.

Old Soul

Written by Teresa Dennard.

Ashley Harris and Love Junk

She describes herself as an “old soul” and prefers styles of the 40s and 50s rather than something new and modernistic. In her home the only new pieces she has are a king sized bed and a dresser. She grew up watching her mother and grandmother paint and would sit beside them in Grandfather’s House, a local studio, during their painting classes.  She never really had much interest in painting.

Tying Jigs

Written by Bruce Hawkins.

More than catching fish

Everyone has a fishing story. It may be about a child casting for the first time or about a group of friends fishing at their favorite weekend getaway. Whatever the story, it probably includes details about the big fish that got away. However, a new business in Longbranch is changing how the story ends for many people.

Spirit Jigs is a family business that hand ties crappie and bass jigs and spinner baits, but catching fish isn’t all that Spirit Jigs is about.

Bubba Broadus, owner, says the reason he hand ties jigs is because he is following God’s command to lead people to salvation.

“This plan isn’t my plan,” Broadus will tell anyone about his business venture. “Our whole purpose for being here is to lead people to Christ.”

Hall of Fame Showcase

Written by Teresa Dennard.

The Best in Country Music

The Texas Country Music Hall of Fame is gearing up for a busy summer. With ticket sales for the August induction ceremony beginning the first Monday in May, the Hall of Fame Board is preparing for an exciting announcement--the newest inductee will be revealed June 1.

She's a Mother

Written by James "Buddy" Hall.

By James "Buddy" Hall

She takes care of herself each and every day

Cause she knows there is someone that’s on their way.

Never looking back, but always ahead,

The pains are close, and the time is near,

She calls her husband, “You better get here!”