She's a Mother

Written by James "Buddy" Hall.

By James "Buddy" Hall

She takes care of herself each and every day

Cause she knows there is someone that’s on their way.

Never looking back, but always ahead,

The pains are close, and the time is near,

She calls her husband, “You better get here!”

 There’s no way to measure the joy that she knew,

At the first glance she got, of a baby like you.

Why is that feeling unlike any other?

It’s all because, “She’s a Mother.”


The years roll on, and she gives you her best,

Some hard times come, and she’s put to the test.

She gives up wants, that your needs might be met,

For the sacrifices she made, you’ll always be in debt.

The bumps and bruises you’ve suffered in life,

Whether you’re broken at heart, or cut with a knife.

She bandaged them up, with the most tender care,

Just a little bitty scratch, or a big ol’ tear.

Why does she care so much for another?

It’s all because, “She’s a Mother.”


She doesn’t forget all throughout her life,

She’s not only a mother, she’s also a wife.

She knows why he works, and she’s glad it’s steady,

He’s not only a husband, he’s also a daddy.

Together they strive to enhance your mind,

They don’t want you to go, through life being blind.

She’d give her all for her husband and kids,

She’s been put to the test, and she always did.

Why has she given so much for another?

It’s all because, “She’s a Mother.”


You’re her child, and so precious, God given you are,

You’re not just an extra, you’re always a star.

God’s ways she taught you, and never to stray,

Get up each morning, and don’t forget to pray.

Cherish each memory, for some day they’ll cease,

May they fill your heart, and bring you peace.

God made her heart big, and filled it with love,

And she made sure you knew, it was from heaven above.

Why did she care, and give like no other,

It’s all because, “She’s a Mother.”