Potlatch Reunion

Written by Teresa Dennard.

Finding a way to bring it back - October 8, 2016

It’s baaaack! Just what so many people have been asking for—POTLATCH! It’s the revival of the two-day festival held in the 80s that was attended by thousands and beloved by everyone. Main Street Manager Cindy Deloney is one who has fond memories of the Potlatch days and has been instrumental in bringing it back this year. “Everyone kept posting on Facebook, encouraging me to find a way to bring it back. When I began posting some old photos, the response was tremendous.”

More Precious Than Gold!

Written by Gina Sue Rogers Bradley.

A family's life is forever changed

Gold – a soft and precious yellow metal, something valued as the finest of its kind.  What is more precious than gold? Our children are more precious than gold! That is why gold is the color of childhood cancer!  Those impacted in any way by childhood cancer know how very little information and research is available and committed to it.  September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, because our children are indeed more precious than gold and worthy to be honored and celebrated as such.

Breann Young

Written by Shelbye Porter Almeida.

In her wildest dreams

On any night of the week, you can stroll the streets of Nashville, Tennessee and hear the songs of the musicians floating from the cafes and bars. Strumming guitars and singing love songs, hoping to have their songs heard by someone who will discover their talent and open doors to share it with the world. One of those singer songwriters that made it all the way to Tennessee is Panola County’s own Breann Young.

Panola County Gets Ready

Written by Vickie Langford Lacy.

Walk Across Texas 2016

It is that time again! Panola County residents like to walk and Walk Across Texas gives them an opportunity to have fun with friends and pool their miles with seven other teammates.  Local community leaders are responsible for sponsoring and promoting the event each year.  Those persons include Sharon Ivey, Sharon Rivard, Pat Whitaker, Ginger Adams Compton, Don Cocklin, Teresa Dennard, Joni Reed, Amy Allison, Susan Corley, and Joel Hill.

Flo Reese

Written by Teresa Dennard.

Short in stature, but tough as a boot

Flo Reese is a well-known face around town. You may see her at the grocery store, the bank, at church, shopping at one of the Dollar Stores or sitting in the stands at a Bulldog football game. She’s 84 years old, and has no intention of slowing down any time soon.

Firemen's Wives

Written by Teresa Dennard.

The Firefighter's Back-up

There’s an old black phone sitting in the bedroom. It doesn’t have numbers; it doesn’t have a dial. It rings once in the morning, once in the afternoon with a call from the fire station just to make sure it is working. For over 30 years, Brenda Giles has been listening to that ring, hoping when it rings at other times during the day and night that the alert is not for something tragic.

Paying Tribute to 9-11

Written by Stephen George.

Where were you on that day?

Exhilarating or catastrophic, memorable or horrific, most people can remember where they were and what they were doing when important historic events took place.  Some recall the news of the Allied victory in World War II, some the news footage of when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, or when Richard Nixon resigned.   Others remember their location and activity when they heard that President Reagan had been shot, or that glorious day when the Berlin wall finally fell.   Do you remember what you were doing when the calendar turned over to January 1, 2000, the beginning of the new century?