They Work Hard for the Money

Written by Stephen George.


Theirs and Yours

Behind the seamless workings of our city and county governments stands a group of dedicated and hard-working women and men who strive to keep the governmental affairs of our communities running smoothly. Several years ago, Panola Crossroads ran an article that outlined some of the responsibilities and jurisdictional matters of these entities, and this updated and expanded article serves to remind us of their hard work and of some of the jurisdictional matters that the county and city employees handle.

Visiting the City of Carthage website and the Panola County website can also help you determine which group will be able to help you with a specific issue. Visit and for expanded information.

The Carthage City Hall, located at 812 W. Panola, serves as the headquarters for the city government. At this location, you can:

  • Pay your Carthage city water bill by check, cash, or credit card and sign up to pay your bill online or by bank draft

  • Attend regular City Commission meetings on the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 5 p.m.

  • Rent a City building (Texas Country Music Hall of Fame, Civic Center, and Davis Park Community House)

  • Apply and pay for permits (residential and commercial construction, house and mobile home moving, trades work)

  • Purchase concrete culverts. Once you pay for the culvert, the city will come and install it for you.

  • Get a copy of a birth or death certificate (see for application)

The Panola County Courthouse, located at 112 Sycamore, houses the offices of the County Clerk’s office. The women in this office can help you:

  • Find recordings of Land Record

  • Find recordings of cattle brands

  • Get information on and file paperwork for probate cases

  • Get paperwork for and file civil cases (under $100,000)

  • Get a marriage license

  • Get a copy of a release of lien

  • Review recordings of DBA’s or assumed name certificates

  • Register a DBA

  • Get a copy of a birth certificate (for those born in Panola County but not in Carthage)

  • Get a copy of a death certificate