Judy Stallone & St. William Cajun Fiesta!

Written by Kay Hubbard.

A Tribute to 25 Years of the Spirit of Community

Judy Stallone, chairman of St. William of Vercelli Catholic Church’s wildly successful Cajun Fiesta (formerly called Cajun Fest) for the past five years, refuses to take any credit for the incredible growth and success of the 25-year-old venture. “It’s all about community,” she says. “I can be a leader all day and have the greatest organizational skills, but it takes an eager team of parish workers and the spirit of community to make it phenomenal.  All kinds of community—personal, family, job, church, town—are at work, all separate rings tying in together. We are especially blessed to be part of Carthage because it is such a nurturing community!”

GNET: the Gold Network of East Texas

Written by Gina Sue Bradley.

Raising Awarness & Connecting Childhood Cancer Families in Our Neighborhood

“I had nothing to do BUT think,” recalls Heather Rucker of three years ago, holding her seven-month-old Sawyer while he was getting adult doses of chemo and living in the hospital. Sawyer had been diagnosed with Infantile Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and was initially given only 24 hours to live.

2017: A Milestone Year for Freddy Mason

Written by Kay Hubbard.

Celebrating Retirement from Panola College & 50 Years in Ministry at Cedar Grove!

2017 is a huge year for Carthage’s beloved, multi-talented, bivocational friend Freddy Mason. He just retired from Panola College after a long and successful career, and in November he will celebrate a Golden Anniversary—50 years of being the pastor at Cedar Grove Baptist Church. He says, “I have been blessed to have two wonderful careers that I have loved. For most of my tenure at Cedar Grove, we weren’t large enough to support a full-time pastor, and my work at the college made it possible for me to be doubly blessed! Now we are to a point where we need a full-time pastor, and my retirement from Panola will allow that.”

Beckville BFFs

Written by Kay Hubbard.

The Relationship OF and FOR a Lifetime

The social media abbreviation BFF (“Best Friends Forever”) might be a trifle overused, and certainly it is often used to describe friendships that are considerably more fleeting than “forever,” but in the case of four Beckville women—Amy Redmon English, Lesley  Morehead Milam, Samantha English Jones, and Holly Hudson Britton—it is perfectly appropriate. While they all have a large circle of other friends they hold dear, the lifelong relationship between that core group of four goes far beyond the standard norms and expectations of most friendships.

Texas Country Music Awards Show

Written by Kay Hubbard.

The 2017 Texas Country Music Awards will take place on the evening of September 28, 2017 at the Carthage Civic Center. The Awards show will be hosted by Carthage native and Texas country artist Brandon Rhyder, who will also perform at the event. Co-hosting with Rhyder is industry and media professional Jenn Ford, also from Carthage.

John and Terri Worley: Their Labor of Love

Written by Kay Hubbard.

Restoring the Family Homeplace in Long Branch

The number of people these days who live in the same house, and even sleep in the same bedroom, for nearly 90 years must be a very small number. But Joyce Worley of the Panola County community of  Long Branch did just that—from the day she was born in 1924 until the day she died in 2014. And now one of her sons, his wife, and their sons have renovated and restored the old family homeplace and are happily ensconced in its familiar comfort.

George Smith

Written by Kay Hubbard.

The 'Elite of the Elite' in Industrial Technology Education

Longtime Carthage teacher George Smith recently received the highest award offered by the Texas Technology Students Association, the Hall of Honor Award. It is given only to a very select few who have devoted a lifetime of service and dedication to Texas TSA. Bud Worley, a beloved Carthage teacher himself and former student and protégé of George, says, “Only the elite of the elite are chosen for this—leaders for a very extended period of time—and I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more than George Smith. He absolutely dedicated his life to this calling!”

Danny Harris

Written by Kay Hubbard.

A Driving Force for an Above-Par Course

Raised by his grandparents, Carthage Country Club Course Superintendent Danny Harris began his love of the game of golf when he was only 10 years old. His grandfather was PGA golf pro J. E. “Preacher” Terry, who served as a club pro in Athens, Texas, Vivian, Louisiana, and for most of Danny’s formative years at Freestone Country Club between Teague and Fairfield, Texas.

Teacher, Teacher I Declare

Written by Shelbye Porter Almeida.

Three Panola County Teachers Share

When I think back on my childhood, my memories are flooded with school days gone by. One vivid memory included an assignment from my sixth grade teacher, Kay Davis, on what we wanted to be when we grew up. I carefully scripted my future with a number two pencil on a sheet of wide-ruled notebook paper. When the day came for us to present our work, I stood up and shared my hopes and dreams of becoming a model.

Annissa Jackson: Chair of Nursing Programs at Panola College

Written by Teresa Beasley.

A Concept-Based, Hands-On Curriculum Preparing Students for 'Real-World' Nursing in a Booming Job Market

Baby Boomers, people born from the mid-1940s through the mid-1960s, are creating a booming job market for nurses, according to Annissa Jackson, new chair of Nursing Programs at Panola College. Aging Baby Boomers have caused increased demand, with the job outlook for nurses expected to grow about 16 percent, a much faster rate than many other professions.