Country Music at its Finest

Written by Teresa Dennard.

A jam packed weekend!

The newest inductee to the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame is Tracy Byrd, Country Star who broke into the industry in 1993 with his first number one hit, Holdin’ Heaven. He later recorded top hits such as The First Step, Watermelon Crawl, Ten Rounds with Jose Cuervo, Don’t’ Take Her She’s All I’ve God, Drinkin Bone and what’s known as his signature songs, The Keeper of the Stars, and I’m From the Country.

Forever Rangerette

Written by Teresa Cage Beasley.

Everything had to be perfect!

When Helen Hooker joined the Kilgore Rangerettes in 1947, she had no idea about the impact that experience would have on her life. While a student at Carthage High School, Helen was a talented twirler and dancer who led the CHS Band as drum major her senior year. After graduating from CHS in 1947, she decided to attend Kilgore College and try out for the Rangerettes.

Victory & Peace

Written by Teresa Dennard.

Omowali Lumumba-proud of his African heritage

Probably the most easily recognizable man in Carthage is Omowali Lumumba—not because of his stature or his actions, but because of his clothing. He is always out and about in the community working on one of his various projects and what makes him most distinguishable is the authentic African attire he wears. Since moving to Carthage 12 years ago, he has been collecting and organizing information about the African American community in Panola County.

Panola Charter School

Written by Teresa Dennard.

Just like any other school

The Panola Charter School has long been misunderstood. Since opening its doors in 2000, the program was considered a place where all the “troubled kids” go. Originally housed in one of the buildings in the Brookshire’s shopping center, the school had difficulties from inception, but several folks were determined to not let it fail. The Board of Directors stepped in and began the search for a new administrator. They hired Mark Thornton who had been the principal at Gary Schools for a number of years and had a strong background in working with kids and curriculum. They had confidence he could lead the school in the right direction.

Fireworks Show

Written by Teresa Dennard.

Sponsored by Woods Fire Department

About 20 years ago a tradition was started when Tommy Knight began buying fireworks for his grandson Dustin. Every year he added more and more of the fireworks, and before long people in the community began to come in large crowds to see the show. The entire family became involved and it grew into an annual event that many looked forward to. People brought food and drinks and hot dogs were always abundant.

The Wrath of Mother Nature

Written by Teresa Dennard.

Youth group helps Van tornado victims

The past few months have seen some really treacherous weather in Texas, from thunderstorms to floods to tornadoes, and from Austin to Houston to Dallas to Panola County, no area was left untouched. Meteorologists stated that so much rain fell in May, the entire state of Texas could have been covered with 8 inches of water.

ETMC Carthage

Written by By Teresa Cage Beasley.

65 years of service

The year was 1950 and Panola County was reaping the benefits of a strong economy fueled by post-World War II growth along with burgeoning oil and gas development. City leaders were developing a master plan for the county, and topping their list was the need for a hospital.

The year 2015 marks the 65th anniversary of the hospital serving Panola County, first as Panola General Hospital, and, beginning in 1997, as ETMC Carthage.

Barn Building

Written by Teresa Dennard.

Built every phase of the barn by himself

What happens when a cotton farmer from Alabama meets up with a city slicker from California? They get married and move to East Texas! Thirteen years ago, Fred and Peggi Rich were looking to settle in this area and came across cabins at Dotson Crossing that were for sale. The lady who owned them was unable to take care of the cabins and getting them back into shape was perfect for Fred, a man who can work on and fix just about anything!

Panola College

Written by by Whitney Edens & Jessica Pace.

Enriching the community

Panola College’s continuing education program began in 1980 through the demand of the growing student body. In the book History of Panola College, Bill O’Neal talks about how the student body was attracted to numerous vocational-technical programs as well as a strong academic menu. This expanding curriculum included many popular non-credit courses, from Country Western Dancing to Powder Puff Mechanics. In recent years, the Workforce and Continuing Education department has seen significant growth and variety in the types of programs they offer to the community. Whether it is programs for local company employees, community enrichment courses, or helping to further an individual’s professional skills, the Workforce and Continuing Education department at Panola College has something for everyone.