Ainsley Ross

Written by Teresa Dennard.

Chasing a Dream

Ainsley Ross is a fascinating young lady who is smart, beautiful, and vivacious. She knows where she’s headed in life, and she’s only 14. Most girls her age spend their waking hours on a smartphone either texting or tweeting or posting on Instagram or Facebook. She doesn’t have time for that. She’s busy honing her talents—singing, acting, writing. “I kept getting a calling from Jesus that I should be in the entertainment industry. I initially began with acting, but it’s funny how God works. He just weaves that in. I found out I had writing skills and it’s just grown, and out of that my singing career took off.”

 Raised in Beckville with a strong, supportive family, Ainsley is home schooled in order to accommodate her busy schedule. Although her mother and father are no longer married, it’s not the usual divorce situation. The two families are very close. “I wish more families could have a relationship like ours,” says Mom Aubrey Cohorst. “It only affects the kids when they can’t. There’s nothing but love with us.” It is this firm foundation with family that has helped steer Ainsley in the right direction. “My family has always been in church,” states Ainsley, “I grew up going to church camp and youth groups which built a strong base for me.” Her home church is Mt. Zion in Harris Chapel. She learned the value of helping others by watching church members, like her grandmother Elizabeth Ross, helping others and not expecting anything in return. Ainsley collaborated on a song with “MawMaw” called The Simple Life.  “I asked her what she would want a song to be about,” recalls Ainsley, “and she said how life was simple—when families used to come together, no matter the hardships, and work together with God’s grace.” A verse from the song: Times were hard and things were bad, everyone shared the load; prayed for the harvest that didn’t come, we stood firm on God’s holy word.”

An average day for Ainsley is not like one of a typical 14 year old. The day begins with schoolwork, but then changes gears quickly. She may have a couple of interviews, a performance, a speech to inspire little kids, auditions, memorizing scripts, and then some songwriting thrown in there as well. She classifies herself as a Christian pop artist and writes songs about anything that inspires her. Her first CD, Just Be You, was produced by Tate Music Group of Mustang, Oklahoma. She is currently signed with the Campbell Agency in Dallas, and Discover Management in Studio City, California with Debralynn Findon as her manager. Her latest venture is landing the role of a Christian singer/songwriter in the movie The Reins Maker. The movie, written by Michael Arnold and filmed by Firecatcher Productions, is a heartwarming story about courage, faith and redemption of a young girl who grows up chasing a dream to become the world’s top female jockey. “It’s going to be an amazing movie. I can’t wait for everyone to see it. I have a love for horses as well, so I’m going to encourage the main character, Penny, to follow her dreams.”

While visiting family and friends in Beckville recently, Ainsley met Amy English and James Bogs and the three bonded immediately. Bogs, band director at Beckville, began teaching Ainsley to play the piano to add to her repertoire of skills, while Amy planned a “Just Be You” event for girls in 4th through 6th grades in which Ainsley sang and spoke words of encouragement to the girls. More than 60 girls were treated to having their hair and nails done, massages, door prizes, and refreshments, all by volunteers that came together to make it a special event. According to Ainsley, “That was one of the most blessed experiences I’ve ever had. Amy is a force to be reckoned with. Anything she does it first class.” Ainsley also had the opportunity to perform at Master’s Blend where she met Branton Reeves who is now teaching her to play the guitar. She also met James McRight, youth pastor at First Baptist Church who is teaching her all about horses and tack, and how to get a little bit of grit! Mom Aubrey stated, “It just shows you how God works and fits all the puzzle pieces together. It’s like we’ve known these people all our lives. They feel like family. This is a hard profession to be in and it’s not all glamor like people think. You have to work hard. We told Ainsley she doesn’t have to do this, but she insists, ‘Mama, this is what I’m supposed to do…I’m called to do, and I’m going to work hard. When you really love something, it isn’t work.’”

Ainsley is spending most of her days now in California preparing for her new movie role and continuing to write songs. According to her Uncle Bubba, “God’s got her!” Her goal is to show people that “being good is amazing.” She wants to be a light in a dark tunnel and be the kind of person young girls can look up to. She’s a yes m’am, no m’am kind of girl and she’s all genuine. She’s had every opportunity to change, but she won’t. Ainsley encourages kids by telling them, “If you try to be like somebody else, you are basically telling God He didn’t know what He was doing because you’re trying to be someone other than who He made you to be. The only requirement of heaving a dream is believing in it.”

To follow Ainsley, visit Ainsley E Ross on Facebook or listen to her music. Also visit The Reins Maker page on Facebook.